Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Small Blessings

First, thank you to everyone who has stopped by and taken a few minutes to read this new adventure of mine! I really appreciate all the sweet and encouraging words that I have heard from y'all, and I truly covet each and every prayer.

Six to eight weeks ago, I was having one of my, what I will call, "bad days". One of the days when I questioned where God was and what His purpose in all this mess really was. I called one of my dearest friends to talk (actually cry to her), and she reminded me to look at the small blessings that occur each and every day. She reminded me that in those blessings, I will see where God is. I will see that God, in fact, has not abandoned me, and more truly that He loves me deeply. What excellent advice! Life during a difficult season seems so much more manageable when you focus on these blessings.

Since the beginning of the year, God has flooded my days with small blessings. He has divinely appointed various people to send me Facebook or text messages, make phone calls, and even bump into me at Target, the grocery, church, etc. allowing me to rekindle old relationships and see the vast group of individuals that He has praying for me and my children. He has used someone to give me a precious gift that states the lyrics to my favorite song (even more awesome - said individual didn't know it was my favorite song!). He has encouraged a sweet friend to send me and my kids a package of happies just because she wanted to say "I love you". He has provided a twin mattress, box spring, and bed frame from another one of His children that He was sending to the mission field in Nicaragua. And, He has appointed people to offer up their baby gear to me and the new baby.

Y'all, God is faithful! In the past, I would have, more than likely, not equated these things to God's presence in my daily life. But, what an awesome work He is doing by taking me to my lowest point to be able to show me who He is. Although I wish divorce was not the current season of life for me and my children, I am so thankful that He loves me enough to use this circumstance to define His character to me. To show me that He is my Husband, my Friend, my Provider, and my Joy. That when we rely on Him, no matter the circumstance, He will fill our days with reminders of who He is!

I challenge everyone (myself included), to send the messages, make the phone calls, and give the happies when you find yourself being prompted to do so. You never know when God is using you to be the small blessing in someones day.

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