Sunday, January 26, 2014

Please Pray

Update: Baylor is out of surgery, and we are at home. I am beyond impressed with the staff at LeBonheur. They were excellent!! And, I can't say enough about our doctor. What a blessing to have a dr who kneels down and prays with your baby before going into surgery! Thank you all for the prayers! All glory & praise to the Great Physician! 

Would y'all please pray with me today? My oldest, who is 3, is having his adenoids removed this morning (Monday). This is my first surgery being a momma, and though the procedure is small and very routine, I am still a little nervous. (I know some of y'all have faced much taller medical mountains with your kids, so maybe you can impart some wisdom on me for how you handled the tough stuff!) 

Please pray over the doctors, nurses, staff, medical equipment, etc that will be part of the procedure. Pray over Baylor's tolerance to the anesthesia. Pray that he doesn't experience pain and that his little body heals quickly. Pray that he doesn't have any complications in his recovery.

Also, pray that God gives me a peace and removes all anxieties I have. Pray that in this season of flu, fever viruses, and stomach bugs we all stay healthy so as to not hinder Baylor's healing. 

Love these following truths about our God - Jehovah Rapha - the Great Physician - our Healer. 

(All photos via pinterest)

And, sorry I have been absent from the blog lately. I hope to get back at it very soon! Life starts happening, and I forget to take time to slow down and reflect. Need to be much better about prioritizing that!

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  1. I'm sorry I am just reading this and I am grateful that Baylor is okay. I'm also grateful you were at Least Bonheur. My own son was there for 16 days in the fall (we went home November 8). They are wonderful at that hospital, and J is a healthy 7 month old now. I love you and miss y'all.